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This was my first time visiting Bali. I was reluctant due to the stereotypes of Bintang singlet wearing bogans that go there and make Australians look awful. Well, yes I did experience a bit of that, but once I got away from the popular cities I discovered the beauty of Bali.

After spending a couple days along the epic cliff-side coast of Jimbaran, we headed to Ubud. Ubud was a great little city to snap some photographs, eat some food and use as a base for sight seeing areas of the north.

Mount Batur Video

Mount Batur

I met up with my driver Kadek at 5 am and we headed up to the lookout of Mount Batur.¬†Mount Batur is an active volcano located to the North/ North East of Bali. I’d seen a couple of brochures for trekking tours up to the volcano, which looked great and I would have loved to do but the only problem with the trek was that it was a 2 hr walk in the dark carrying all my gear. Maybe if I was just taking stills and something small like a Mavic it would have been fine with a backpack, but I had a tripod, camera bag and a Phantom 4 Pro in a case.

I didn’t know what to expect from the lookout. Was it going to be close enough? Would it be as good as the view from the trek?

As Kadek and I made the trip up the winding hills to the lookout you could feel the temperature drop. It was a balmy 28 degrees when we left the hotel but as we neared the top it felt about 10 degrees colder. It was a perfect morning.

Here are some shots that were taken from the lookout as the sun was rising on another beautiful day in Bali.

Shot on the canon MkIII & DJI Phantom 4 Pro.


Central Coast Videographer

Mount Batur is only a 45 min drive from Ubud and could be seen from where we were staying once you got up above the forest canopy.

We attempted to go see Tanah Lot Temple for sunset but unfortunately, after a roughly 2-hour drive, we hit a traffic jam from a ceremony about 5 km’s away and missed the sunset.


The following was taken in Ubud, Jimbaran and down on the east coast of Bali in the city of Sanur.

Bali Video


Shot on the canon MkIII & DJI Phantom 4 Pro.