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Wilson & Tiffany

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Wedding Video at Wandin in The Hunter Valley

“you hear of couples having their ups and downs but I honestly feel that we only have ups”.


Often I come across couples who are very different individuals but something about each other’s personality compliments the other and it works. These couples can often be hard to sum up in a word. That is not the case with Tiffany and Wilson, they are perfect for each other and if you had to use a word to describe them as a couple it would be ‘FUN’! Tiffany said it herself “you hear of couples having their ups and downs but I honestly feel that we only have ups”.

This couple met in the usual way, at a bar, where he thought she was pregnant and she thought he was gay. Tiffany and Wilson have a great sense of humour and a great outlook on life. Even an emotional letter that Tiff had given to Wilson in the morning was broken up with some comic relief.


Tiffs letter


This wedding video was so much fun to make, there was always something happening. The morning was filled with some crazy door games that saw the girls forcing the boys to dress up in wigs and women’s underwear, sing ballads, do seductive dances and drink horrible cocktails all in an effort to prove Wilson’s love for Tiff.


Door game fun.


Now, I’m not usually one for popular trends, be it planking, a flash mob or Gangnam style but there is something about a Bride and Groom breaking out of their first dance and going into a good old fashion dance-off. Wilson and Tiffany absolutely nailed it and the crowd were loving it. Each move was meticulously choreographed, or maybe it wasn’t? Maybe these guys were so in tune with each other that they just happened to be dancing in sync? Either way, it was probably the best wedding dance I have seen. Even the biggest critic couldn’t help but go WOW! that was pretty cool!

The couple celebrated a tea ceremony, an outdoor wedding ceremony and partied the night away on the huge grounds that are Wandin Valley Estate in the Hunter Valley.

Wilson and Tiffany have so much energy and are doing life right. We know they will keep doing it for many years to come.


Wilson & Tiffany Wedding Video at Wandin in The Hunter Valley



Wedding Video by I Heart Productions iheartproductions.com.au

Wedding Photography by Ben Howland www.benhowland.com.au

Wedding Venue – Wandin Valley Estate www.wandin.com.au 

Hair & Makeup www.whitemakeupartistry.com.au

Cake Smelly Cheese Shop www.smellycheese.net.au

Flowers My Little Posywww.mylittleposy.com.au