Brandon & Helen’s Bathurst Wedding Video

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Brandon & Helen’s Bathurst Wedding Video

Bathurst Wedding Video

Brandon & Helen were married on the most freezing cold day on earth!

(I don’t want to hear you arguing it, just accept it as fact and read on)

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Just on the outskirts of Bathurst lies an amazing venue called Boxgrove which was the perfect setting for the couples Bathurst Wedding Video. Boxgrove is a family owned and run venue that pretty much has everything you could want for a Country Wedding, featuring picturesque vistas of rolling hills, wide open skies and mooing cows in the distance. Boxgrove is still relatively new and the staff were really helpful and friendly which you sometimes just don’t get at some of the more overworked, long running venues we have visited. Or maybe it was a touch of that “country hospitality” that is maybe missing from the city?

Brandon & Helen decided to incorporate some door games & a Tea Ceremony before they tied the knot in a Western Ceremony. Unfortunately it was minus a million degrees outside with an icy wind fresh off the Antarctic, so all the events were moved inside. This didn’t phase the couple in the slightest though, still enduring the elements to go outside for family photos until they had got through everyone.

“no matter what life throws at us we are going to be ok, we will be fine and take it in our stride”

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Now, here’s where I must commend Helen on just what an amazing Bride she was! Brides can, at times, be a little sensitive about the weather. Some can really stress out and let a bit of rain effect their mood and this can result in them not wanting to walk down a certain path as it might get the bottom of their dress dirty, or simply refusing to go outside for photo’s because its too cold and windy. Helen was the exact opposite of this!

When it was time to venture out to get some shots in an open field it just happened to start raining. So, here I am sitting in the car wearing multiple layers:- a singlet, a long sleeve shirt, a jumper and a thick jacket with a hood and gloves, pondering if we should hop out and endure this rain and freezing cold wind. At almost that exact moment Helen, who is only wearing her Wedding Dress and a shawl, jumps out of the car and then proceeds to spend the next 30 minutes in the freezing cold… and this is where we capture her and Brandon braving the weather with the biggest smiles on their faces the whole time.

That is what I really liked about these two, they were genuinely really lovely people that didn’t let anything phase them. As Brandon said, “no matter what life throws at us we are going to be ok, we will be fine and take it in our stride”. He was right and they where rewarded with a little sunshine, a pretty magic rainbow and an unforgettable day!



Bathurst Wedding Video




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