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Jay & Nadine

Wedding Day Photos

Good times, Good music…


Wedding Photography by I Heart Productions


This wedding reception was probably one of my favourites to photograph, mainly due to the fact they played good tunes.

I go to a lot of weddings, making videos in Sydney and The Hunter Valley, and 95% of the time there is a wedding DJ or band. That’s fine, but these DJ’s and bands are doing weddings nearly every weekend of the year and they play whats popular on rotation. So, pretty much every wedding I go to, it’s the same set of pop songs. That’s why this wedding was so refreshing, lots of Soul and Blues music which isn’t what you would hear at a typical wedding and BOY did it ROCK!

Having music that reflects who the couple is and what they like shows a further insight into who they are and makes the whole day more personalised and more fun. You don’t have great tunes without a super cool couple though. Jay and Nadine are awesome and their wedding was definitely outside of the box. No chapel or popular reception venue, instead they had their ceremony at a school and their reception at a prison. And… what is cooler than delivering your speech laying on the ground!

Congrats to these two!

Wedding Ceremony – Hunter Design School in Newcastle West www.hunterdesignschool.nsw.edu.au
Wedding Reception – The Lock-Up  www.thelockup.org.au
Wedding Photography – I Heart Productions www.iheartproductions.com.au
Band – James Thompson and Marty Burke
DJ – Dan Phelan
Celebrant – Jacqueline Majer  www.jacquelinemajer.com.au
Cars – www.kombieventhire.com.au/