Wedding Video at Circa 1876

Wedding Video at Circa 1876

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Wedding Video at Circa 1876 in The Hunter Valley


Wedding cinematography Wedding Video at Circa 1876


First of all, be warned: this is a bit of a Fairytale Wedding Video. The kind that makes you stop and look around the apartment where you live alone, only to find your dog scratching himself against the wall making odd sounds as you question what you’re doing with your life? Okay, so that was a joke, my life is pretty good but damn Con & Belinda’s Wedding was amazing!

Con & Belinda’s Hunter Valley Wedding Video at Circa 1876

Con and Belinda are a classic story of a handsome Greek boy meets pretty blonde Newcastle girl and its love at first sight! These two were really down to earth and friendly. In addition, they have what I perceive to be great taste. Every detail of this Wedding was well thought out and had a hint of class, from Belinda’s elegant wedding dress, the charming venue and the amazing vendors (insert wink). This Wedding Ceremony was a great example of implementing cultural traditions in a beautiful modern setting as the couple included a Greek crowning ceremony amongst the greenery of the outdoors.

Circa 1876 is definitely one of my favourite places to shoot Wedding Cinematography in the Hunter Valley. The tall trees surrounding the grounds make for perfect lighting for its outdoor Wedding Ceremonies.

The precedent was set in the morning for an emotional day when Belinda’s dad saw her for the first time in her Wedding dress. It is always such a special moment when a father processes the significance of his baby being all grown up. Belinda’s dad entered the room and as soon as he saw his daughter he was so choked up he could barely talk. You could tell from that moment that this was going to be an emotional day!

We were so happy to be a part of this special day and create Belinda & Con’s Wedding Video at Circa 1876 and we wish them all the best in their life together.


Wedding Video at Circa 1876 in The Hunter Valley from I Heart Productions on Vimeo.



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